Best Western BBQ in Seoul

Best BBQ in Seoul
Slicing BrisketLet the battle begin!  To be fair,  their are likely too many good Korean BBQ joints to do this list any proper justice, no waistline could test them all. As for non Korean style however,  a few heavyweights are all you need to know.


Manimal Smokehouse

Yes. Win. Love. Need. Just some thoughts likely to enter your mind as you take in the menu. Pulled pork,  ribs and brisket are all great. Another shocker was the chicken,  which is not usually the main draw of a BBQ place like this, but something they got down right. Also do yourself a big favor and get the Mac and cheese.
Location: Itaewon

Linus’ Bama Style BBQ

There’s a reason it always has a wait. Terrific spot to plop down with friends and do some serious work. Two person platter serving up pulled pork,  brisket,  and a number of sides will take good care of you, though it never hurts to throw in an order of the Mac and cheese balls. Great BBQ sauce as well (retail please).
Location: Itaewon
Linus - Platter

Locos BBQ

This place is all about the meat (umm duh, isn’t every bbq place?).  Your best bet here is to go with the Locos BBQ Sampler….oh, you’re by yourself? You think it’s too much?  Let me ask you this… when you wake up from your meat sweats tomorrow, are you really going to complain that there is delicious pulled pork, pork belly, ribs, and brisket waiting for you in the fridge?  I thought not.
Location: Itaewon

Cowboy BBQ

With the ambiance of Koreanized-country, it was hard to know what to expect.  Well, this place is another crippling lunch spot, providing way too much deliciousness to make any afternoon productive.  Tasty ribs and a wide assortment of sauces for your meats of choice.  Good value if you’re in the area.
Location: Gangnam
Cowboy BBQ - Menu Cowboy BBQ - Pork Platter Cowboy BBQ - Beef Platter

Austin’s Texas BBQ

A nice Texas ambiance with some quality country music piping through the place (not for everyone), we have ourselves another quality BBQ!  A decent run at pulled pork, brisket and ribs, along with some excellent house made bacon…the kind of bacon you need to be eating to prepare for a cold winter. Excellent lunch specials if you can make it there in time.
Location: Gangnam, Hongdae
Austins BBQ - Lunch Menu Austins BBQ - Menu 20151127_121449_resized_1 20151127_121557_resized_1 20151127_121606_resized_1 20151127_121635_resized_1

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