Best Burgers in Seoul

Best Burgers in Seoul

BurgersSeoul is a city famed for many things, but burgers?  What if I need a proper burger?!?   Not to fear burger-aficionados, this town has a quality list of places not likely to disappoint.


Brooklyn Burger

A Brooklyn-esque setting, some 90’s hip-hop in the background, and oh what is this? The best darn burger in town!  Slow expansion hasn’t dimmed demand, but any wait you experience is likely worth it.  The 7 ounce C.R.E.A.M. burger is excellent (with great naming respect provided to the Wu-Tang Clan), but basically you can’t go wrong with any burger you choose.  Milk shakes are also quite good, with the mint chocolate chip being a favorite.

Locations: Seorae MaeulSamseongSinsaApgujeong

Brooklyn - Menu Brooklyn - C.R.E.A.M. Brooklyn - C.R.E.A.M. 2 7oz Brooklyn - Real McCoy 5oz

Gilbert’s Burger & Fries

This non-pretentious burger spot provides a solid burger-munching ambiance. Some say it’s a bit of a Brooklyn burger clone (I’ve heard of worse things), but whatever it is, this place is delicious.  A  7 ounce Sunrise or (and/or) Mr. President and a cold Great White to wash it down, and you should find yourself in a good spot. Veggies also tasted quite fresh.

Location: Sinsa, Itaewon

Gilbert's Burger - Menu Gilbert's Burger - Sunrise Gilbert's Burger - 3 Gilbert's Burger - 2 Gilbert's Burger - 1

Libertine Bar & Kitchen

A standard burger joint? Absolutely not. But that doesn’t mean this place doesn’t cook up a mean one.  Lamb burger for-the-win!  Provides a bit of a Lower East Side Manhattan feel (minus the LES cramped spaces). Quality establishment all around (the other food is terrific too) with well crafted cocktails.

Location: Itaewon

Libertine - LMK Burger 1 Libertine - LMK Burger 2

Left Coast

Great brews,  friendly staff and you guessed it,  delicious burgers!  There are a number of excellent choices, but give the legendary John Wayne a chance to win your heart. Fries aren’t too shabby either.

Location: Itaewon

Fire Bell

This little burger shop packs a punch! No literally, the Habana burger nearly lit my face on fire, but I couldn’t put it down.  The Rookie burger is probably a safe debut into their quality.  While the burgers are not huge in size, they make up for it by packing a lot of flavor.  Service is also very fast – they basically start grilling your burger immediately. An all-around win.

Location: Samseong

Fire Bell - Menu Fire Bell - Dr. Leo Fire Bell - Habana Burger 2 Fire Bell - Habana Burger 1 Fire Bell - Fries


This place is all sorts of goodness. Very tasty burgers covered by a signature soft potato bun. An assortment of fries to choose from as well, with a great variety of less-than-healthy toppings.  Wash it down with a selection of cold beers, or if you have a bit of a sugar craving, a cotton candy margarita. Green Monster or Captain America should steer you right.

Locations: Itaewon

5BEY - Menu 5BEY - Captain America 5BEY - Green Monster 5BEY - Kimchi Fries

Butcher’s Cut

Oh you fancy, huh?  Head over for lunch and take in the ambiance while teeth down in a monster burger. Their single patty burger is beast, and the double-patty version should come with a NSFW tag, as you’re essentially incapable of productivity for some time after.

Locations: ItaewonCheongdamGangnamSamseongGwanghwamun

Mother’s Office

The name brings me back to my favorite burger place in Los Angeles, Father’s Office. Coincidence? While some information remains a secret, what can be noted is that this place makes a delicious burger. Father’s Burger is a safe bet, however the french souvenir cream burger will catch you off guard…let it happen.

Location: Itaewon

Mother's Office - Menu Mother's Office - Father's Burger Mother's Office - Father's Burger 2

I am A burger

A small unassuming burger joint in the back streets of Hongdae, this place is a delight.  Their Garlic Cheese Bacon Burger with a side of cajun fries will have you walking out of their with a whole new pep-in-your-step.  Go with the 200g, you’ve come all this way, and man those bad boys are juicy.

Location: Hongdae

I am a burger - enterance I am a burger - menu I am a burger - The originalI am a burger - Garlic bacon cheese burger 140oz I am a burger - cheddar burger 140oz


Burger Joint

The gem of Le Parker Meridien NYC has made it’s way to Seoul.  Tucked down in the depths below Hyundai department store, this burger spot packs a mean punch for it’s price point.  Doublecheese me please!

Location: SamseongYangcheon

Burger Joint - Menu Burger Joint - Cheeseburger 1 Burger Joint - Cheeseburger 2

Phat Diner

Across from Samsung’s Digital City,  this burger place it’s aptly named. A juicy lamb chorizo burger with tzatziki sauce, American cheese and Cajun fries?! While this Greek/NOLA cultural alignment offered some confusion, the deliciousness was crystal clear. An afternoon nap may be required.

Location: Suwon

Guilty Pleasure

This is a one-pony show. This burger is both delicious, and crippling. Stacked tall as a hand, this trouble-maker retains surprisingly good structural integrity – though for naught as it’s nearly impossible to deal with, so good luck.  Signature add-on is the hash-brown on top.   Sliders are also a nice choice, as they are coated with truffle oil, and truffle oil = happiness.

Locations: Itaewon

9 Ounce Burger

Simple little neighborhood burger spot with a focus on high quality wagyu beef. While only select burgers stand up to the names claim in ounces,  all burgers hold their own in flavor. A number of the creative flavor combinations are solid, like the California, but you can’t go wrong with the signature “9 Ounce.”

Locations: Bongcheon

Honorable Mentions: Gourmet Burger 405, Two Broz, Burger B, Mozzie, Seocho Big Burger, Cali Kitchen

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