Best Mexican Food in Seoul

Best Mexican in Seoul

Best Mexican in SeoulIt’s pretty clear to say that the Mexican food influence on Seoul is far from overwhelming.  But like Mexico, Korea know’s it’s way around spicy food, and a few local restaurants have done their loco amigos a solid.

Don Charly

If there can only be one…this is it.  Authentic, delicious and far from pretentious, Antojeria Don Charly makes you forget that you’re sitting half way around the world from Mexico.  A small shutter of happiness may roll through your body upon entering, this is normal.  Tacos are yummy, chips, salsa and guacamole are quite solid as well.  Relax and get your fat-on.

Location: Itaewon

Coreanos Kitchen

Coreanos does an excellent job of taking Mexican food and adding the right amount of Korean flair. Basically trust the highlights on the menu, they aren’t lying.  Three wise fries, Kimchi BKB burrito, and the tacos…oh the tacos!!! While Craftsworks pilsners have probably been treating you just fine throughout this epic munch, don’t be afraid to cheat a bit at the end, and wash things down with a nice chocolate cookie cake.

Locations: ItaewonApgujeong Rodeo

Vatos Urban Tacos

Another great fusion of Mexican meets Korean, Vatos Urban Taco has a diverse menu that can accommodate most crowds.  Yes, we love them for their Mexican food, delicious shimp tacos, quality burritos, and their carnitas (insert basically anything here) are excellent.  But Vatos also has some sleepers on the menu, like its Kimchi Fries (again, carnitas), chicken wings, etc etc.  Margaritas are top around town, and they even have Corona-a-Ritas.  Keep doin’ your thing Vatos.

Locations: SinsaItaewon, Jamsil

Vatos - Kimchi Carnitas Fries 2 IMG_4765 Vatos - Fish taco Vatos - Barbacoa taco Vatos - Kimchi Carnitas Fries


Everyone loves the underdog, and tucked back off Noksapyeong-daero, this place brings some real authentic flavor to the table.  Basically all the tacos are a win, so get a mix…though tongue and intestine are not for the faint of heart.  Guacamole is also very quality there, so don’t miss it.  True, portions can be a bit small, and they like aren’t afraid to throw some cilantro into the mix, but this place is solid so stop your complaining.

Location: Itaewon

Villa Guerrero

This place has a real hole-in-the-wall Mexican feel. It literally sells out of meat (some basic supply and demand economics that need to be solved), with it’s loyal customer base testing the limits of stomach capacity.  The menu is purist, strictly tacos. They specialize in carnitas (tongue, shoulder, skin) and chorizo. These tacos are the best in Seoul (mic dropped).

Location: Samseong

Villa Guerrero - 1 Villa Guerrero - 2Villa Guerrero - Carnitas Villa Guerrero - 3 Villa Guerrero - 4

On The Border

OK, before you start judging… is this place authentic? No, of course not, it’s Tex-Mex at best.  While the price point is a bit steep for value, let’s be honest and admit this place does more than a few things right. Basically you can make a whole meal off the chips and salsa and be happy (I think I could drink it), but if you’re venturing into that big menu, the sampler brings a nice mix to the table.  They do a nice job with the steak Fajitas as well.

Location: ItaewonSamseongSinsaYeouidoGwanghwamunHongdaeSinchon

Gusto Taco

Gusto Taco offers up some true mexican-style tacos in which you can really taste the freshness.  Both the chicken and pork tacos wrapped in some homemade tortillas are easy wins.  The guacamole wasn’t too shabby either. What was even more surprising was that the burger was even good (maybe some future considerations for the burger list)! Tasty tacos, great service…kudos to Gusto on his establishment.

Location: Hongdae

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