Best Pizza in Seoul

Best Pizza in Seoul
Pizza…oh so many types, and all with their delicious advantages.  While Seoul may not has mastered NYC’s gourmet slices, it does offer a number of good locations that are well worth your time (and calories).


Bonny’s Pizza Pub

This is a pizza joint,  not a fancy date spot.  Good pizza that’s a bit heavy on the cheese,  which you can get as a whole or by the slice.  Tons of bottle beers to choose from,  and a great place to catch a game.  The Snowden, Carnivore or classic pepperoni are all good ways to go.  Half-and-half is also an option for those that can’t decide.
Location: Itaewon
Bonny's - 1 Bonny's - 2

Brick Oven New York Pizzeria

New York pizza is just better than anywhere else.  It’s a fact.  It’s science.  The team at Brick Oven brings real New York pizza flavor to Seoul.  They have a number of appetizers (garlic fries and buffalo wings are popular),  but the pizza is what you’re there for.
Location: Yeoksam
Brick Oven - Menu Brick Oven - 1 Brick Oven - 2

Gino’s NY Pizza

Another great addition to the Seoul pizza scene, Gino’s offers a proper slice of New York style pizza.  And what makes good NY style pizza? Many things, but mainly the crust, and this place nails it.  Plenty of good options to select from, so go with a large half-and-half of…whatever actually, all work. Great ambiance as well.

Location: Itaewon

Pizzeria D’Buzza

It’s a safe bet that any time you’ll arrive,  there will be a line. But as my mom would say,  if there’s a line, there’s a reason (though local line culture wrecks this logic).  In this case it’s not some operational bottleneck,  it’s because the pizza is damn good. Lots of variety in their toping combinations.  Buzza Classica and Margherita di bufala are safe bets.
Location: Itaewon, Sinsa
Pizzeria D'Buzza - Margherita Pizzeria D'Buzza - prosciutto

The Pizza Peel

If we’re talking about proper American style pizza at reasonable prices, this place may arguably do it the best in Seoul.  The secret may be that the Pizza Peel employs some proper pizza ovens.  Go with a standard pepperoni,  this place had no need to try and be fancy, but if you want to mix it up, Buffalo Ranch or Chicken Pesto also work.
Location: Itaewon

Paulie’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

Big pizzas with quality choices, with half-and-half being a great route. The BBQ chicken is a nice angle, especially dipped in a bit of ranch (which they have), oh so good!  Plenty of other add-ons as well, from fries to wings…all wash down well with an assortment of draft brews. Welcome to town Paulie, it’s good to have you.
Location: Gwanghwamun

Spacca Napoli

If you’re a fan of some delicious and chewy pizza dough,  you’ll love it.  A small place,  maybe 10 tables,  but pizzas are excellent and hand crafted by their owner.  Expect a wait,  but definitely give it a try.
Location: Hapjeong

Maddux Pizza

Finally, a place to focus on just tasty slices!  The open-air kitchen taps into some fresh local ingredients, allowing for pizza-fragrance bliss (your clothes may remind you later).  Maddux pizza slices don’t mess around either, they are large and tasty.  While many choices exist, staples of any pizza joint is where this place shines, so make sure to order a Margarita and standard pepperoni, and then then go nuts on one of their many other choices. Great place to share and sample.
Location: Itaewon

Vera Pizza Napoli

Having lived next door to a Vera Pizza Napoli across the seas, finding one in the streets of Hannam was quite the treat. How is the pizza so good? Is it the fact that the pizzas are baked from oak firewood in the brazier of volcanic stones directly imported from Vesuvio Mt. in Italy, or is it just some darn good pizza-magicians in the house? Either way Vera Pizza Napoli knows their pies.
Location: Hannam

Trevia Pizza di Roma

While on the higher end and a bit non-traditional,  this square format pizza keeps the taste buds happy.  These thin crust pizzas are cooked with just the right level of crisp.  Both the Quattro Cheese and the Siciliano are good routes to go.
Location: Itaewon

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